The Human Nature Group was born at UC San Diego in 2008. We started it to create a revolution in the way we think about ourselves. Political philosophers and other social scientists have thought about human nature for centuries, but very recently natural scientists have become increasingly interested in human nature, too. We want to bring these two groups together and we share two big dreams. We have a desire to bring ideas from the natural sciences to bear on questions about political and social behavior and we want to shape the natural sciences with the things we have learned about politics and the social sciences. To that end, we created a weekly lunch group with three goals in mind: to communicate updates about collaborative projects, to give group members a chance to present their work, and to read and discuss work by others that we think is relevant to our interests. Come join us!

We meet every Monday from 12pm-2pm in the San Diego Supercomputer Center, Room E145.
Our first meeting for Winter 2015 is on January 12th.